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Gongyi silver base machinery manufacturing co., LTD. The former is gongyi carbon factory machinery factory,The main series production of carbon HunNieGuo、Carbon vibration molding machine、Carbon pressure ball machine、Chain type carbon molding machine、Coal gangue crusher、Energy-saving ball mill、Raymond mill、Carbon equipment such as jaw crusher machinery。The products of the company has been in the same industry leading position,And jilin201Plant carbon equipment specialist2Name,Cultivate a group of professional technical backbone,On-the-spot guidance to the user's site、Design of the plant、Site planning、Teach formula,Over the past few years is well received by vast old and new user's consistent high praise,And won“Zhengzhou city contracts and keep promise enterprise”“Gongyi city hundred backbone enterprises”Such as a number of honorary titles。[To learn more]
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2019-09-18 | The factors affecting electric catching tar precipitator efficiency we should pay attention to

Electric tar precipitator used structure with concentric circles type、Tubular and cellular 3 kinds.No matter what kind of structure,Its working principle is the same,Just in order to improve the efficiency of dust removal and can decrease...

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