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Jining enderle group metal structure co., LTD. Welcome you to visit。Company technical force is abundant,The equipment is complete,The craft is advanced,Detection means perfect。With qualification of steel structure,Housing construction qualification,Fire control facilities,Chemical petroleum equipment and piping installation qualification,Pressure vessel certificate,Electrical and mechanical equipment installation qualification,Decoration qualification。Jining federation of industry and commerce,Jining chamber of commerce member units。

 A、Metal containers:According to the container size production cement silo,The cement tank,Oil tank,500--50000Cubic large vertical storage tanks,Chemical tank,Transport tank,Pressure tank,The pressure vessel,The reaction kettle,Jianshuiji equipment,All kinds of gas holder,Mixing plant equipment,Chemical equipment and pipeline equipment installation。

2、Project:Professional steel structure rack design production installation services as a whole,Rack accessories processing,Project construction。Rack is used for the gym,Roof rack,The spherical grids,All kinds of network JiaPeng, etc。

3、Gas station construction:Undertake gas station construction as a whole,Gas stations were made,LPG stations were made,Gas stations to decorate,Gas station buried tank,SSDouble oilTank,SFDouble tank,FFDouble tank,Gas pipeline installation,Gas station double pipelines, etc。 

Fine material,Control the quality

Jining enderle group metal structure co., LTD has superb engineering technology and development experience

Design、Manufacturing、Construction integration service allows you to look carefree

Strictly implement the national quality management and quality assurance standards

First-class production technologyProfessional production of metal structures

Our company is specialized is engaged in the design、Manufacturing、Install all kinds of engineering and construction

Qualification of strong technical teamMade of sturdy structure parts

Technical personnel in order to solve installation problem you provide relevant advice at any time

Technical guidance to help you,Assist you to do on-site construction guidance

After allIn order to people,Enterprise with the letter

The first-class construction technology,Ensure the quality of products;Artificial field,Design and installation construction scheme;Humanized service,The new and old customers return visit on a regular basis,Anywhere at any time for you to solve problems