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Zhanjiang yong wei print base
The material is of large print company,Has a unique variety of special materials
In large print,UVPainting as a whole,Provide enterprises with high-quality advertising products
Spray equipment
The first-class spray equipment,Casting first-class products for you

Bosse dragon hd high speed large injection machine

Hd、High speed,Nissan6000Square

Hewlett-packard (HP)HP5800Pictorial machine

Imports、Ultra-high resolution,Nissan1000Square

The figure of outdoor photo machine

Ultra-high resolution,Nissan1200Square

Industry is the coilUVMachine

Super largeUV,Nissan300Square

Bosse dragon outdoor photo machine

Hd high speed,Nissan1200Square

Case presentation
Strict quality control,Casting first-class products for you
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Zhanjiang for advertising co., LTD



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