Addressing the group President

    'We will do our best to support our customer satisfaction with Summit group total efforts.'

    Automobile industry is given leading priority in promotion by most of the developing countries;owing to its widely-related nature with other industries.

    Thai government,with no exception,is giving full support for the development of local auto assembly and spare part manufacturing in order to achieve the local completely built-up in the near future.

    Since 1961,Thai government has emphasized on various degrees of promotion until the Automobile Industrial Promotion Committee was set up to draft a definite policy.

    Summit Auto Seats Industry Co.,Ltd.,started in manufacturing car upholstery in its early stage,and later developed to body part and spare part manufacturing.

    We are fully committed to provide utmost convenience,comfort and safety to our customers.We certainly accomplish our commitment through ever improvement of production with newest technology this therefore puts us in the frontline of quality auto spare part manufacturers.

    We are confident that our commitment will keep us firmly in business forever.

    Mr.Sunsurn Jurangkool ---The chairman of Summit Group