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   Huasheng Jiang Quan group Is Luo Zhuang linyi area Shen Quanzhuang village collective enterprises,Its predecessor is1987Founded in farmer entrepreneur Wang Tingjiang Luo Zhuang town of white porcelain factory,1989Years10In the plant donated to the village collective,Wang Tingjiang lead them step by step on the path of common prosperity。1992Years1Month Shen Quanzhuang established the linyi city huasheng group corporation,1993Years12Month group change to shandong huasheng group corp,2002Years8Month change for shandong huasheng Jiang Quan group co., LTD,In the same year10Month by the state administration for industry and commerce approved for bareheaded and administrative divisions of a national group——Huasheng Jiang Quan group co., LTD。In more detail...  

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Technology innovation is the floorboard of the original scientific research and technological innovation,Refers to the creation and application of new knowledge and new technology、The new process,Adopt a new mode of production and managementIn more detail...
    • Management principles:Selflessness、Seeking truth from facts、Equally、
    • Rewards and punishment
    • Management policy:Standardization、Militarization、The modern world、More scientific
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