Brand story


Some people say that,Don't sit bus to Hong Kong,Haven't been to Hong Kong。
Kowloon bus is Hong Kong's bus。In the flight of nearly a century,Not only is Hong Kong Kowloon bus load100Years of changes and feelings,Three generations of the people of Hong Kong and memories of youth。
In the bus to Hong Kong, Kowloon drink,Fashionable restore ancient ways of the bus,Thick Hong Kong style,A cup of pantyhose milk tea aromas,A eggs,A bowl of fish balls,Are all memory of the old Hong Kong"A neighborhood"……
The Kowloon bus is to get the feelings this inheritance and inherited,Keep it forever。

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Brand positioning


There is a memory,CallTVBAnd Hong Kong。
Bus to Hong Kong, Kowloon drink authentic Hong Kong style tea,
The entrance mellow silky,And refreshing。
The main Hong Kong style tea、Sweet snacks and parity of coffee。
With its authentic Hong Kong style、The price of the civilian has a wide range of consumer groups。
With classic design elements and cultural symbols,Restore Hong Kong style old customs。
Let more customers enjoy Hong Kong style diet culture

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Business philosophy


Bus, Kowloon Hong Kong drink break traditional drink market"Dull"、"Street"The fixed thinking,Pioneered"The traditional process + The new marketing"Brand management mode。
On the basis of the guarantee authentic Hong Kong flavour,Adopted"Drink + Snacks"The combination of management form;
On the brand image is chasing fashion agitation restoring ancient ways,Choose the bus、Red element restoring ancient ways, etc,Strive to build a"Style restoring ancient ways、Eating and drinking and entertainment"The trend of the port of drink brands。

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Product introduction


A cup of fragrant pantyhose milk tea、In crisp outside a eggs,Always can think ofTVBThe characters and the plot of the play,Become a century of memories。

Brand story


Bus to Hong Kong, Kowloon drink choose red bus head with Hong Kong characteristics as the brand image,Will be one of the classic elements of refining and rich,Nostalgia also trend。
Combined with the abundant degree of process design and lightness,All exhibit the romance of Hong Kong style and fashion,Rich and delicate present Hong Kong ease the taste of life。

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