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Chuzhou at full speed logistics co., LTD

  Chuzhou at full speed logistics co., LTD., is by the state departments approved the establishment of specialized logistics service providers!Since its establishment,In line with the good faith management,Regard our customers as partners,Think customers create a competitive advantage and create its own competitive advantage for the idea,Has hundred cities in the domestic set up customer service network,Provide good service for customers and industry colleagues。  

  Chuzhou at full speed logistics co., LTD is a agent of international and domestic air cargo clearance、Logistics distribution、Air Courier、Motor transport、The railway transport、The inter-city distribution、Large transportAt an organic whole,Across the region、Network、Information technology、Intelligent、Integrated logistics company with supply chain management ability 。Provide prompt service,In the process of transport of the goods in a follow-up,Personnel information feedback,To throughout the day24Hours of service,And let them high returns。Trucks on business:My company in south China、In north China、East China、The southwest、Central China as the main trunk line,Fully exploit vehicle across the country、LCL business,Arrive on time、Ensure that low price、Security、Fast、Timely delivery。

  Company is located in chuzhou chuhe east three forks in the road104National highway,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is superior……

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