Sichuan ring testing technology co., LTD., established in2013Years,The company is located in chengdu qingyang industrial headquarters base,Where there are beautiful office environment,Experimental environment condition is superior。Company office area and lab are located in qingyang industrial park headquartersBArea1Building,The area is3000Square meters;Company experimental facilities,Detection equipment is advanced and well equipped,A precise detection for testing samples,The test results are accurate assessment。

Since establishment,Company has covered the detection analysis ability:The environmental monitoring、Eia environmental protection technical consultation、Environmental risk emergency plan compiling and audit、Occupational health testing and evaluation、Pollution survey、Environmental protection acceptance for construction projects,Have strong comprehensive ability。

Environment including detection ability:

1.The water environment:Groundwater、Surface water、Production and living waste water

2.The atmospheric environment:Ambient air、Organized waste gas、Unorganized emissions

3.The noise environment:Industrial noise、The noise of social activities、The road to creat noise、The airport noise、All kinds of vibrations

4.Solid waste:All kinds of metal components and fluoride

5.Sediment、Solid waste:Conventional index and some characteristic indexes

6.Radiation environment:The electromagnetic radiation and ionizing radiation

Including health monitoring ability: 1.Public health:The central air conditioning health、The indoor environment、Health supplies utensils、Public water and drinking water hygiene monitoring wading materials 2.The occupational health:Occupational-disease-inductive factors monitoring and evaluation of the workplace occupational health 3.Clean test:Each model testing clean places Since the company was founded by absorbing and cultivating ways formed an old team、In the、Green combination of pilot development team,Company personnel has reached120People,Senior professional titles9Name,Intermediate professional titles18Name,Junior professional titles25Name,All kinds of professional and technical personnel60Name;Company set up complete internal departments,Management practices。As a third party testing unit,My company to quality as the first law,Resolutely put an end to any pretence,Ensure process specification,The real objective test data。The company's business based on the test,Has extended to the field,The company can undertake: ▲After testing ▲Environmental protection acceptance survey and inspection and acceptance report ▲The comparison test ▲All kinds of tests ▲Contingency plans ▲Contaminated site survey assessment ▲Occupational health testing and evaluation ▲Environmental protection technology consulting services For efficient and fast service for the society,The company has set up a multiple ShuDeHua offices around in sichuan,The speed of the first time to meet customer needs。 The company in line with the good faith management principle,Wholeheartedly for the various enterprises、Career、Government units and the social from all walks of life to provide quality services。

  • Headquarters in sichuan province:028-6198-5120
  • Center section:13350883200
  • In eastern sichuan area:13808032663
  • Sichuan area:18981849096
  • North sichuan area:15882219078
  • Western sichuan area:13086668619

Address:Chengdu qingyang industrial park headquartersBArea1Building