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Tongxiang website cooperates logistics park co., LTD

    Tongxiang cooperates logistics park is located in tongxiang city ring road east183Number(Passenger transportation center on the east side),Is the only a collection of storage in tongxiang、Transportation、Express delivery、The electronic commerce、As one of the modern distribution center for goods such as comprehensive logistics park。The park's main highway line、Less-than-one carload transport,Railway、Air transport,Provide convenience to customers、Efficient logistics services。Now more than dozens of integrated logistics company,Guangzhou line radiation、Hangzhou、Beijing、Fuzhou、Changshu、Shanghai、Wuhan、Qingdao、Wenzhou、Xi 'an、Yiwu、Jinan、Hefei、Zhuzhou、Chenzhou city at all levels, etc。The park is also equipped with storage center,With standard warehouse,Monitoring facilities,And equipped with24Hours full-time security patrol,Additional storage center equipped with transfer、Forklift service,Can also provide delivery service if necessary。First-class environment、The first-class service,Cooperates logistics park warmly welcome you to inquire,Looking forward to the cooperation with you!

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With the beginner's mind mission light dream journey

For the high quality“stay true to the missio、Keep in mind that the mission”The theme of education,To reinforce the party member cadre's ideal and faith,According to the tongcheng unified deployment of working arrangement,9Month7Monday morning,Logistics park branch organizations all party member concentrated watched by jiaxing municipal party committee secretary zhang bing speaker“The classroom in south lake beginner's mind”And the first class2019In the fourth period“The red boat party class”——《Ask beginner's mind The long march road go new era》,Tongcheng committee, vice secretary of party working Shen Gensong as an ordinary party members took part in the study。

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Rookie said double this year11The contracting carrier delivery

9Month19Daily news,Rookie Xie Zhiyu, head of the international main line9Month18In alibaba, global speed sell tong2019Double11Conference announced:Double this year11,Novice network will send Courier contracts for an airline company。This will be the largest domestic charter flights,During the activity will use hundreds of flights,Ensure the double11International logistics aging compared with last year10%。

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