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  • Gravure printing ink

    gravure printing ink

    The Chinese redbud gravure printing ink is the wide recognition of gravure printing ink,Products cover all kinds of consumer goods intaglio printing applications,In the industry take the lead in using automatic feeding system and airtight pipeline production,Ensure product quality stability and quality safety,Conform to the packaging requirements of environmental protection at home and abroad。

  • Lithographic printing ink

    Offset Printing Ink

    The Chinese redbud lithographic printing ink is divided into sheet-fed printing ink、Thermosetting ink、UVInk three categories。The product is safe and environmental protection,Successively by ten ring certification and McDonald's/Hasbro certification;As to meet the requirements of the American association of soybean oil,To obtainASAAuthorized the use of soybean oil ink marks。Apply to four color or multicolor offset printing machine;Meet all types of base material printing,Such as:Coated paper、White board paper、Offset paper、Lightweight coated paper、Coated paper、The coated paper、Gold and silver cardboard, etc;Can printing top-grade magazines、The picture album、Illustrated、Advertising、The trademark、The description and packaging paper packaging paper products。Have a good saturation、The colour is brilliant、High print gloss、Ink water resistance is good、Network is clear、Printing is not easy to dirty、Friction resistance is good wait for a characteristic。

  • Silk screen printing ink

    Screen Printing Ink

    The Chinese redbud screen printing ink on environmental innovation as development direction,The company is equipped withCNASApproved laboratories,Products comply withROHS、EN-71、ASTM、HR4040、REACHSuch as the international environmental requirements。High level of environmental protection,Some products series with and without halogen or pahs controls,And good resistance transference、Excellent adhesion,Product quality is stable,High cost performance。

  • Printing and packaging materials

    Printing Packing Material

    The Chinese redbud late printing packaging product line is mainly used in printing process,Main products include waterborne glazing oil、UVGlazing oil、Polishing(Blister)Oil、Sticky box、Fumo plastic and form a complete set of the above products use the water that day。This series product can enhance the appearance of the printed matter、To improve the use of print performance、To enhance the protection of the print performance、Improve the grade of products、Adding value,Widely used in packing decoration、The book covers、The picture album、The trademark、Advertising、Calendar、Big decoration、Post picture, etc。

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